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Peace in the Storm

It’s been said we are either going into a storm, in one, or coming out the other side.  How can we find peace when the waves pound against our boat?

Don’t Step On My Blue Suede Shoes

Did you know everybody’s has at least one pair of emotional “blue suede shoes”?  You’ll know when someone is stepping on them, because you’ll usually over react.

Great Article from on Anchor of Hope.

God meets us at our greatest point of need.  Find out how Anchor of Hope Counseling Center provides a safe haven to receive His restoration.

Becoming Your Own Psalmist

Taking the time to really open your heart will be a process of self-discovery, and create a sanctuary where you can hear God’s voice as you wait for His response.

Soul Restoration

Psalm 23 speaks of the shepherd of our souls who is continually restoring us to wholeness and mends our broken spirit.

A Different Kind of Smart: Emotional Intelligence

There are different kinds of ‘smart’. Some are good in math. Some are good in art. Some can make beautiful things with their hands or fix cars. But the kind of smart I want to talk about is emotional intelligence.