“I came to Anchor of Hope in the most hopeless of conditions. Even as a believer… for many years I had completely lost my grasp on reality Dependent only upon alcohol from breakfast time to get through the day and kill the pain. None of it really made much sense… I was a partner in a great company… had years of studying scripture … but still  had fallen away and it seemed like there was nowhere else to go but further down. At the point of being literally a. just the shame felt from being a believer in that state was overwhelming. .. The most incredible transition began soon after beginning one-on-one counselling at Anchor of Hope.  That feeling of shame and worthlessness was increasingly lifted as the torment and pain carried for so long was understood from a biblical place. Forever I have so much gratitude for THE LOVE this ministry has shown this once completely broken soul.”

“I am an Israeli man in my early thirties. About two years ago I have started meeting with one of the counselors at the center to deal with an addiction I had to pornography. Slowly but surely, I started to redeem my sexuality but also to gain hope for freedom. Today, I am completely free for over a year from pornography. In the process, God unraveled a lot of things and healed a lot of wounds. Therefore, the process led me to a closer relationship with Him as well.”

“First of all, I thank you so much for your help to me and E.! Our situation is really good and for the first time I feel that I have a normal married life, and I really feel happy!”

“Joanna [Anchor of Hope Counselor, Tel Aviv] has helped me to no end. She has been a light in the darkest tunnel. She always finds a way to meet you in your pain or story and in the midst of it bring it to the Lord. She is a calm in a storm, and Anchor of Hope has helped me on two separate occasions when I needed the help the most. I highly recommend their kind services from the bottom of my heart.”

“Every time I have come to counselling, the Lord has slowly peeled back layers of pain in my heart, and opened my eyes to revelations that will go with me for the rest of my life. Being a lone soldier just before the army, I do not receive an income, and I am ever so grateful to the donors who have made it possible for me to receive counselling. You may not see the fruit of your generosity- but many people who have undergone suffering in the land of Israel do see it! Thank you so much!”

“I am a changed person since I started counseling at AOH. The prayerful and insightful sessions taught me how to gain control over negative thought patterns that previously controlled my life. I have been able to face up to and process deeply painful memories, and in a very real sense now I am free from them! Thank you so much.”